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About us

Formulation stability. Yield efficiency. Market share. Patent protection. As your molecule moves from the beginning of its lifecycle through maturity, you face many challenges that require a precise understanding of your therapeutic compound's unique structure and potential.

Baxter BioPharma Solutions provides the scientific expertise, contract manufacturing capabilities and packaging solutions you'll need to meet those challenges. Experience makes the difference: with more than 150 years of combined parenteral development expertise, we know how to open new paths for your molecule's success.

Our capabilities and services

  • Form/Fill/Finish of small and large molecule parenterals
  • Dedicated cytotoxic contract services
  • State-of-the-art biologic manufacturing resources
  • Large-scale syringe filling
  • Vial filling
  • Advanced lyophilization
  • Proprietary enhanced packaging for infused stable and unstable molecules
  • Parenteral scientific expertise spanning virtually all drug classes
  • Regulatory assistance around the globe

Tailored solutions

We offer tailored solutions for risk mitigation strategies:

  • A proven CMO and reliable Primary or Secondary supplier 
  • Capabilities such as redundant filling lines to accommodate surges in demand, quickly reacting to market fluctuations 
  • Stop-gap manufacturer, while internal capacity becomes available 
  • Improving production yield and minimizing the loss of API during production processes 
  • Proprietary technologies for market differentiation and lifecycle management


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